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I've done many sports in my life. But there is a special sport that I always have kept hard on. I've always danced. I loved it as a little girl.

When I reached the age of 11 I realized that this is something that I want to do the rest of my life. I started at a dance school in Falun, and found ballet, jazz and modern. Previously, I had only danced hip hop. But I began to realize that there was so much in the dance that helped me. In everything. I found myself. I started to go to the gym to build my strength. Did everything I could to make me a better dancer. After 3 years in Falun I where about to choose my next school. After much searching for other schools I finally found a school that I thought would suit me. Danscenter. So I moved to Stockholm and I was right. It was the right school for me.

My dream/ goals: To travel around the world exploring the world of art. I want to share my knowledge and love of dancing. Become the best dancer I could be. My next goal is a school in Barcelona.

Challenges to get there: First of all, I have to audition for the school. It can be a struggle to get in because those who apply are very talented dancers. But I think that I have a shot and I will do anything in my power to get in. Second of all, it's not cheap to be a dancer. The school cost €9,950 each year. But anything is possible.

Name: Therese Haga
Age: 20
City: Stockholm, Sweden.
Profession: studying dance at Danscenter.
Hobbys: hockey, gym, training, soccer, skateboard & cars