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Before moving to Hawaii, I was a member of USA Synchronized Swimming Team. I had the privilege of traveling all over the world and competing at such a young age. When I graduated High School I was faced with a difficult decision as to whether I should keep pursuing my dream in the pool or create a new dream. I moved to Hawaii and found my love of the ocean and all of the ocean activities including free diving, fishing, body boarding, long boarding and of course the sport that brought me to the ocean, Tandem surfing.

My dream/ goals: To share and spread my love of the ocean and the peace it brings me with people around the world. Also to expose the rest of the world to the beauty of tandem surfing.

Challenges to get there: because tandem surfing is such a small sport, it is difficult to get sponsorship to get around the world to share what I do. But when the opportunity presents itself, my tandem partner and I take it for the good of the sport to progress it forward and get more people involved.

Name: Lauren Oiye
Age: 27
Hometown: San Francisco, California
City: Honolulu, Hawaii
Profession: student pursuing my Masters degree